Hello! I’ m Norma

I am a designer & florist

Hello, I’m Norma, and my journey with flowers began with my mother, Elsa. She was a fellow nature lover, a compassionate helper of people, and an incredibly hard-working woman. Her strong spirit and dedication have been my guiding light throughout my life. At just 17, I packed my bags and moved to America, inspired by her resilience and determination.

Years later, as a single mother in pursuit of the American Dream, I found myself drawing on my mother’s strength, perseverance, and love for flowers. This inspiration led me to open my own flower boutique in the Tulsa area. Since 2018, I’ve been one of the first florists to introduce unique “Floral Box” arrangements to the community. My goal has always been to bring beauty and joy to the Tulsa area, and I take pride in continuing my mother’s legacy through my work.

My Passions


I love traveling and immersing myself in different cultures. My journeys have taught me that the joy and smiles flowers bring are universal, uniting people around the world.


Spending time with my children and enjoying nature are two of my greatest pleasures. I particularly cherish afternoon walks, where I can reconnect with nature.


Each creation is a blend of colors and textures, designed to bring joy. Our unique "floral boxes" elevate the presentation, making it an unforgettable experience.

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